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North Vancouver has an abundance of nature readily admired by all. Picking the right property overlooking a stunning view of the city and its surrounding beauty can be a life changing decision. If North Shore is your destination, finding North Vancouver homes with views will be a pleasure, there are many options throughout the community for you. As can be expected, North Vancouver luxury homes with a view come at a premium.

For the discerning buyer, investing in a luxurious handcrafted home that is befitting of your lifestyle is a sound choice. And where better to enjoy the spectacular enrichment provided by nature than in North Vancouver?

North Vancouver Homes with Views


High-end view homes can be found throughout the North Shore. Depending on your tastes, a mountain view or waterfront seascape within your neighbourhood might be preferable. After all, not only can you enjoy the fantastic views from the comforts of your own home, but also enjoy the accessibility to nature walks or boating and sailing. Privacy is the name of the game for North Vancouver homes with views. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many homes that offer the luxury of a sea-kissed sunset have their own secluded and spacious backyard worthy of nature’s masterpiece.

Luxury view properties in North Vancouver that offer wide sea to sky sights often come with large glass windows or balconies overlooking the mountains or sea. Established buyers will be pleased to know that, especially for newly built view homes, the attention to detail in featuring a timeless elegance within the architecture and interior design is immaculate. No effort is spared in shaping the perfect ambience to bask in the panoramic landscape of the North Shore.

The North Shore is the perfect landscape to create a wonderful atmosphere for North Vancouver homes with views. Water views are available with so much access to large areas of shoreline. Amazing views of forest and mountains are also created with the gentle slops and lush vegetation. We provide all of the MLS® homes for sale in North Vancouver with brilliant photos, google maps and full property details.

Homes in North Vancouver with Water Views

Among the neighbourhoods we most recommend for waterview homes are Deep Cove and Dollarton. Fishing, kayaking and sailing are just minutes away from your doorstep in these two neighbourhoods. Deep Cove Yacht Club as well as the North Shore Marina and Rentals are both found centrally located around Panorama Park. Convenience is a priority in Deep Cove and Dollarton for sailing enthusiasts. Find private and secure moorage at your exclusive dock. If that isn’t enough, you’re steps away from the refreshing waters of the Burrard Inlet.

The atmosphere in Deep Cove and Dollarton is remarkable throughout the year, and more so during summer. There are free concerts at Panorama Park during warmer months and plenty of food and drink options. If you haven’t already, you’ll have to try Honey’s Donuts, possibly as fuel before you try hiking the Baden Powell Trail! If you live in Dollarton, you’ll have the option for both private and public docks for your boat. Cates Park offers a sublime evening stroll within walking distance from your relaxing state of the art seaside home. The neighbourhood is a definite plus for avid golfers, considering how centrally located Seymour Golf and Country Club is.

Homes in North Vancouver Mountain Views

For phenomenal mountain views in North Vancouver, we highly recommend Upper Delbrook or Northlands. The jaw dropping views from some of the more premium real estate in these districts is something to be reckoned with. You might not have the water at your feet here but you’ll have the vast open skies right in front of you and an admirable sight of Vancouver to boot. Upper Delbrook real estate is worth the investment if you find the right place with an expansive view. Northlands properties for sale can be an excellent bargain as well for the exclusivity and privacy you gain. Those who are attracted by the allure of sublime wooded forests and invaluable solitude will be drawn to Northlands.

Realtors Selling View Homes in North Vancouver

Whether you desire to live on the edge of the water and not compromise on a premium home or higher up on the North Shore with stellar mountain views, we’re here to help. Choosing the right Realtors who understand your neighbourhood and housing preferences can go a long way in making a purchase you’re pleased with. We have extensive experience selling high end North Vancouver homes with views and understand the importance of your satisfaction. Ask us for our insider tips about some of the more discreet premium view properties in North Vancouver. Let’s chat!

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