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Customer service & best REALTOR® experience is top of mind. Communication is key to success. Sellers receive constant updates during weekly-scheduled meetings about showings and the sales process. Jacky & Jacob believe good communication is about listening and taking the time to understand what’s important to you. You also have their pledge to provide honest and direct advice, even when it may be hard to hear.

Jacky & Jacob have a calm, pragmatic approach to real estate. You will find that they are friendly, hard-working and dedicated to achieving your goal. When it comes to advice about home preparation, strategy, property values and negotiation on your behalf, you can have confidence in their experience and past success.

  • Communication, we keep you informed
  • Unparalleled market knowledge
  • Calm, pragmatic approach to real estate
  • Measurable online marketing channels
  • Strong relationships within the real estate community

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Knowing what your home is worth in the current market is often an important part of the process when deciding to sell. If you are selling and planning to buy another property, knowing value will allow you to make the right financial decision, or decide if it’s the right time for you to sell.

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    Vancouver realtors Jacob Krause & Jacky Levi, working with homesellersJacky & Jacob have been selling real estate for close to 20 years. Undoubtedly, number of years in the industry may not be a good measure of qualifications. But this agent team has a lot of experience, producing top sales year after year, achieving top 1% of all Greater Vancouver agents in their banner years. They’ve sold over 1000 homes in their career. They’ve also faced some pretty complex transactions!

    Whether you’re selling a luxury home, character house, condo or development lot, Jacob & Jacky have sold all kinds of residential real estate. Their roster of transactions include countless multi-million dollar homes, waterfront properties, condos, new construction and land consolidation for development. You can have confidence in their experience.

    • Proven marketing system that works
    • Close to 20 years experience
    • Seasoned real estate negotiators
    • Measurable online advertising

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