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Selling The Higher End of Vancouver’s High End Real Estate – While some would say that all Vancouver real estate should now be classified as luxury homes, the market is more complicated than that. Even a market as expensive as Vancouver can be broken down into different segments. And the homes at Vancouver’s very high-end need to be approached and marketed differently, if they are to sell quickly and at the best price possible.

The first step is to determine what a fair evaluation of the home is. With a large expensive home, this is much more complicated than determining square footage and looking at other recent local sales. Luxury homes are often filled with many expensive, one-of-a-kind features. Everything from swimming pools to elevators to designer kitchens need to be assessed and integrated into the evaluation. Each custom addition, high-tech feature, and upgrade in a luxury home will add to its final price.

Luxury usually means exceptional land, view or location. And hi-end homes in Vancouver have varied values based on the land and use of land. It’s only experience selling expensive houses that will give an agent the qualifications to assess land value.

The next step is making sure the house shows fantastically well. High-end buyers are incredibly picky. They can afford to be. So curb appeal has to be enormous, and the home should look perfect. Staging should be considered to maximize every feature and area. In Vancouver, looking like a million dollars is no longer very much.

Marketing Vancouver’s Luxury Homes Requires More Than Just Listing Them – Luxury homes, by their very nature, have a very small pool of potential buyers. Even in a hot market like Vancouver, a high-end, highly priced home needs a marketing plan. Putting the right one together requires expertise, as it is not like selling regular real estate. An owner and their agent need to understand their target audience, their expectations, and how to reach them. Open houses usually just bring people who want to poke around and see how the rich live. However an open house for qualified agents can spread the word to people who matter. Well-respected and established agents are more likely to know whom to invite. Furthermore, they will have the trust of those agents, who will be more willing to invest their time, reputation, and clients as a result.

Next, putting up a sign and posting a bunch of photos on a website may be enough for some homes, but not these ones. How will the house be advertised? Will all photographs be taken with high-end equipment and lenses? Should you have a professionally shot video tour of the home? How can you use social media to spread the word about something very special? All marketing needs to be as polished and distinctive as the home itself.

Vancouver’s High End Real Estate Takes Time To Sell – With a smaller pool of possible buyers, high-end homes usually take longer to sell. This requires patience, something that is not usually asked from sellers in the Vancouver market. Keeping the profile high on an expensive listing over time takes hard work and smarts. When buyers do emerge, these large transactions can be complicated to arrange and close. It’s yet another reason that proven expertise in this niche market is so important.

We have sold some very high-end real estate in Vancouver and recently sold a prestigious Drummond Drive property for just under $20,000,000. When we market hi-end real estate, all the above factors are taken into consideration in developing and then executing a marketing plan.

Marketing Every Vancouver Home The Right Way – It’s taken us 16 years to develop the knowledge base and expertise we bring to selling homes on Vancouver luxury home market. We bring a professional approach to every home we sell. And to every client who asks us to find the perfect home for them. It’s an approach that has resulted success and being among the top 1% of Realtors in Vancouver.

If you’re looking to list a home, whether luxury or not, or want to find one anywhere in Vancouver, you should talk with us.

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