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The most common questions Vancouver home sellers have.

The Frequently Asked Questions presented below are a result of years of dealing with buyers and sellers in Vancouver. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a home seller, we understand that navigating the real estate market can be both exciting and overwhelming.

Our in-depth knowledge of Vancouver’s housing landscape put us in a great position to answer all your questions. We are here to provide you with all the essential information you need to make informed decisions.


This comprehensive FAQ section has been thoughtfully created to address the most common unknowns our clients have encountered throughout the journey of buying and selling real estate in Greater Vancouver. From understanding the buying process to mastering the art of selling, we aim to equip you with the insights and resources necessary to ensure a successful and productive process.

The average time for a home to receive an offer is typically between 3-4 weeks. It is important to note that it is heavily dependent on the pricing strategy, the presentation of the home decor, accessibility, and timing in the market. If you are thinking of selling your Vancouver home in the near future, contact us for a realtor home evaluation report to accurately determine the expected home sales times in your area.

The method to determine the appropriate listing price of a home is called CMA, which stands for Comparative Market Analysis. This is the most common pricing methodology used by realtors in residential real estate sales to determine the market value of your home. 


When we suggest an appropriate list price, we take into account recent sales data of similar homes that have recently sold within the specific area. The process entails considering all of the unique features of your home, such as renovations, views, size, location, age, and other features which may affect value. Contact us to receive a free, no-obligation  realtor home evaluation

Home purchase is usually a very emotional process. Minor repairs and updates can have a dramatic impact on the sale price. It is important to consult with a Vancouver Realtor regarding which repairs and updates will have the most significant impact. As part of the service we offer to home sellers, we provide a complimentary consultation with a home design specialist to ensure the home is prepared in the best way possible before listing. See case study of the effect of home repairs and staging. 

If your home is vacant, we highly recommend staging it before listing for a few reasons:


1.The marketing material will be much more impactful. Photos and videos of staged homes attract more viewers and prospective buyers compared to vacant homes.


2.During viewings, buyers will see the home in a much better light. As mentioned in the previous section, this is an emotional process, so a staged home is more likely to sell faster and for a higher price.

When choosing a realtor to sell your Vancouver home, you need to ensure they are familiar with your area, local zoning, neighborhood amenities, and other sales in the area. Additionally, consider their marketing plan and process for listing homes.


On the flip side, here is a list of factors which are NOT relevant to a successful home sale:


The realtor's social media posts.

The price tag or brand the car they drive.

The fanciness and brand of their suite.

The size of their real estate team - in fact, a larger team often means less direct interaction with the main team leader.

The most common mistakes we often see home sellers make are:


  • Overpricing their home.
  • Poor preparation of their home before photos and video production.
  • Not allowing access to accommodate showings, or restricting showing times.
  • Requesting privacy and not installing a 'For Sale' sign.

Your realtor is your marketing manager. Listen to their strategy and follow their  advise to ensure optimal results. 

If you receive multiple offers when selling your home, it is very important to strategize the negotiation correctly. It is important to discuss this scenario with your realtor to ensure you understand what is expected from you in the event of multiple offers.

If you have any other questions we are here to help. Send us an email, text, or book an 'old fasion' face-to-face meeting
...coffee is on us.

- Jacob and Jacky

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