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In Vancouver’s competitive real estate market, it should come as no surprise that there are realtors specializing in estate sales.  Indeed, Vancouver estate sales realtors play a unique and critical role in navigating the nuances of a complex real estate transaction during an emotionally challenging time of life for the interested parties involved.  As you can imagine, Vancouver estate sale experts are engaged in a niche aspect of the local real estate market and they bring a distinct set of skills and knowledge.  In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of estate sales in Vancouver, the role of realtors specializing in the field, and how to navigate a complex process of selling properties tied to estates.

What is an Estate Sale in Real Estate Terms?

An estate sale involves the sale of a person’s property after their death.  When it comes to real estate, this process refers to the sale of a property that is part of a deceased person’s estate.  While these sales can often encompass various assets, real estate is often represented and may include various property types including residential homes, commercial buildings, and land.  When compared with traditional real estate transactions, estate sales involve specialized legal processes such as probate and may also be accompanied by challenging emotional dynamics related to the death of a loved one.  

Vancouver Estate Sale

Jacob and Jacky from Oakwyn Realty are realtors specializing in estate sales.  Not only do we bring industry-leading knowledge and experience, but we approach all our real estate transactions with empathy and compassion – especially important qualities for Vancouver estate sale experts.  We help our clients navigate all the complexities of estate sales with kindness and caring while also ensuring a competitive edge in the process.  Ultimately, we know that even after the death of a family member, our clients want to get a fair price for their property.

Understanding Probate and What You Should Know

Probate is a legal process that validates a deceased person’s will and ensures the orderly distribution of their assets, including real estate.  During probate, the court oversees the payment of debt and transfer of assets according to a deceased person’s will.  In some cases, when a will isn’t present, the probate process can become more complicated and there may be negotiations regarding how assets are distributed among beneficiaries or heirs.  In Vancouver and across Canada, the probate process can be complex and time-consuming as it involves court filings and appearances as well as assessments of an estate’s assets.

For all parties involved in estate sales, understanding probate is paramount.  Vancouver estate sale realtors must be well-versed in local probate laws and procedures to provide their clients with accurate guidance and to ensure a smooth transition of property ownership.  The Jacob and Jacky real estate team are realtors specializing in estate sales and we have extensive experience working through the probate process.  We also know that it can be overwhelming to manage the intricacies of probate, particularly in a time of grief, so we are dedicated to provide expert and timely advice to each of our clients.

Indeed, working as Vancouver estate sale realtors, Jacob and Jacky understand the pivotal role we play in probate as we bridge the gap between legal proceedings and the real estate transaction.  Some of our duties as Vancouver estate sale experts include:

  1.  Assessing property values,
  2. Recommending repairs or renovations to optimize sales value,
  3. Marketing and showcasing properties,
  4. Negotiating sales,
  5. Ensuring fair market sales price,
  6. Navigating probate legal complexities,
  7. Collaborating with legal professionals to expedite property sales,
  8. Supporting informed decision making throughout the probate process,
  9. Providing compassionate real estate advice.

Ultimately, Jacob and Jacky from Oakwyn Realty are driven to streamline the estate sale of real estate no matter how complex or challenging the probate process.

Typical Duration of Probate

Any knowledgeable Vancouver estate sale realtor can tell you that there are many factors that influence probate in Vancouver. Depending on the estate, the probate process can last anywhere from a couple of months to a year or even two. The complexity of the estate, legal disputes, the number of creditors, real estate sales, and even the court’s availability are factors that influence the duration of probate in Vancouver. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that can impact probate.

Understanding Estate Sale and Probate

Estate Complexity

How many assets are being assessed? What types of assets are there? Where are the assets located?  Depending on the complexity of the estate including the number of beneficiaries and the presence or absence of a will, the probate process can be relatively quick or it can be a long, drawn-out process.  

Legal Disputes

Even when a will is available, there can be challenges to the will which can significantly delay the probate process.


Before assets can be distributed, debts must be settled.  If there are many creditor claims, the probate process can often be extended.

Real Estate Sales

Ironically, estates that include real estate can take longer to clear probate as property sales take time to market, negotiate, and finalize.  As such, working with realtors specializing in estate sales can help to streamline probate.

Court Availability

Finally, document review by the courts and scheduling court dates can have a significant impact on probate timelines.  When cases are backlogged in British Columbia, Vancouver probate processes will necessarily be slower.

To expedite the probate process, it’s essential to work with knowledgeable Vancouver estate sale exerts with a proven track record of navigating the complexities and requirements of the probate system.  For example, Jacob and Jacky from Oakwyn Realty assist their clients to minimize probate delays for a smoother and more efficient estate sale.

Experience of a Realtor Handling Estate Sales

Jacob and Jacky represent a real estate team with expertise in managing estate sales.  Not only do we bring experience selling properties in estate sales, knowledge of the probate process and the associated legal complexities, but we offer an organized and orderly approach to ensure every detail is overseen in a timely fashion.

Understanding that an estate sale represents a different process than the typical real estate transaction is critical.  First and foremost, there are more people involved including executors, lawyers, and multiple family members which can make the real estate transaction more complex.  But also, there are more processes involved including submissions of legal documents and reviews by the court.  As such, working with a Vancouver estate sale realtor that understand the flow of information as well as the procedures and regulations at play can be vital to ensuring a fair and profitable real estate transaction.

Not only does your estate sale realtor need to have exceptional communication skills, but they also need to have empathy and compassion for the emotional toll that the death of a family member can have.  Jacob and Jacky are Oakwyn realtors who have efficiently navigated the complex legal process of an estate sale while compassionately navigating the complex family dynamics that can often surface during this difficult time.  

Your Vancouver estate sale realtor is not only an expert in property transactions; they also act as trusted and reliable guides and support systems for clients who are grieving.  Jacob and Jacky strive to engage our clients with integrity and understanding in order to provide a solid support structure that ease the burden of selling real estate after the loss of a loved one.  

Nevertheless, while compassion, trustworthiness, and empathy are key traits in realtors specializing in estate sales, it is also important to work with experts in real estate.  Jacob and Jacky bring a wealth of industry-leading real estate expertise:

Realtors Specialize in Estate Sale
  • Unparalleled knowledge of Vancouver real estate including neighbourhood value, market trends, and marketing acumen,
  • Expert home evaluations to accurately price homes,
  • Exceptional communication skills to streamline estate sales by providing reports to executors, lawyers, and family members,
  • Efficient, effective showcasing of homes that respond to the complexities of estate sales including quickly presenting and marketing homes, assisting to disperse contents and valuables in the home, and cleaning and staging the home.

Common Process of an Estate Sale

There are many steps in an estate sale – the process involves executors, family members, lawyers, court representatives, and when property is sold, realtors as well.  Let’s start by generally discussing the process of an estate sale and then focus in on selling real estate.  

The general process of an estate sale in BC requires the collaboration of several parties, the preparation of assets, layers of documentation, and potentially probate as well.  First, legal representatives are identified including an executor or administrator of the deceased person’s will (executor is the chosen person registered on title as the owner who can handle the deceased person’s real estate).  The executor must oversee the assessment of assets and credits including property and real estate.

Next, the deceased person’s property must be assessed – this process will include working with a Vancouver estate sale realtor to assess real estate value and to advise on repairs or renovations to maximize the property’s sale price.

During grant of probate, the executor gathers the will, death certificate, a list of assets and liabilities, and details about the beneficiaries identified in the will.  This process can be complicated and requires significant documentation including an affidavit of application for grant of probate or grant of administration with will annexed and possibly an affidavit in support of application for estate grant.  These forms are filed with the Supreme Court of BC along with a $200 application fee.  The will administrator will attend a court hearing before they obtain the Grant of Probate – a document that provides the executor the authority to distribute the assets according to the deceased person’s will.

Throughout this estate sale process, it is important to start the real estate sale process.  It is not necessary to wait for probate to be completed to sell an estate property, but it is vital to work with realtors and lawyers specializing in estate sales to ensure all legal requirements are met.  Here are some common steps in selling a property during an estate sale:

  • Consultation with your Vancouver estate sale realtor – the realtor gathers all relevant information about the property, reviews the probate status, and obtains information about the goals and preferences of all beneficiaries. Keep in mind there’s typically a lawyer involved with the completion of probate.

  • Property evaluation – Vancouver estate sale experts assess the condition of the property and its market value and may recommend repairs or renovations to optimize the sale price. When it comes to estate sales, there’s usually more involvement from the real estate agents. Unlike other properties, estate sales often require more preparation. An example could be coordinating with the family to remove vast amounts of personal items and valuables. 

  • Probate collaboration – in the case that probate is not complete, the realtor collaborates with legal representatives to ensure the process moves smoothly, efficiently, and according to the law.

  • Marketing and listing – when the property is ready for sale, the realtor develops a tailored marketing strategy to showcase unique features of the property and surrounding neighbourhood.  With Jacob and Jacky real estate team, this includes professional photos and videos of the property which are marketed to your target audience with professional advertisements and brochures.

  • Property showings – from private showings to open houses, the Vancouver estate sale realtors arrange property showings with potential homebuyers and provide important information about the key features of the property including nearby amenities, historical highlights, and attractive characteristics of the home.

  • Negotiations and closing – finally, your realtor will expertly negotiate with potential buyers to maximize the sale price of your home to the benefit of all beneficiaries before closing the sale and while ensuring all legal requirements are met.
As experts in the Vancouver real estate industry, Jacob and Jacky are your leading estate sale realtors because they combine comprehensive knowledge of the Vancouver real estate market and its unique neigbourhoods, along with extensive experience as realtors specializing in the estate sale process.  They provide highly professional evaluation, marketing, and negotiation services for all their real estate transactions but serve their estate sale clients with intimate knowledge of the legal and personal complexities of selling the property of a deceased loved one.

Differences between a Common Real Estate Sale and an Estate Sale

Estate Sale

There are certainly similarities between common real estate sales and estate sales, there are also unique challenges that call for expertise in estates when you are selling a deceased person’s property.  Namely, legal complexities, emotional challenges, property conditions, and timing are four major factors that differentiate traditional real estate transactions and estate sales.


Legal Complexities – Grant of probate is typically the major factor that adds legal complexity to estate sales, but there are also complexities that arise when involved parties challenge aspects of a will.  These factors are simply not present in common real estate transactions and as such its important to work with realtors specializing in estate sales in these scenarios.

Emotional Challenges – Undoubtedly, the death of a loved one brings about emotional challenges.  Often, parties have sentimental attachment to a deceased person’s home and belongings, so it is important to work with realtors like Jacob and Jacky from Oakwyn Realty as they navigate these emotional challenges with sensitivity, patience, and compassion.  By offering excellent communication skills combined with a high degree of empathy, Jacob and Jacky are poised to support their clients through this difficult transition.

Property Condition – This is not always the case, but it is certainly common that properties sold in estate sales may have been inhabited for decades.  This often means that they may require significant repairs or updates.  Though this can be true of common real estate transactions as well, the fact that the home owner is deceased means that careful inspection of the property is critical.  Working with realtors specializing in estate sales helps executors and beneficiaries make informed decisions about necessary renovations to optimize the sales price.

Timing – Finally, because of the complexities involved with estate sales, timing for these transactions can vary widely. Probate can delay sales but other factors can motivate expedited sales.  Vancouver estate sale realtors must be able to respond efficiently to a dynamic sales landscape while also managing client expectations and legal nuances.

Estate Sale & Probate - Conclusion

Vancouver estate sale realtors such as Jacob and Jacky play a vital role in guiding clients through the intricate process of selling properties tied to estates.  With expertise in probate, property evaluation, marketing, and negotiations combined with a compassionate and empathetic approach, Jacob and Jacky are essential partners for anyone navigating the challenges of an estate sale.   Whether you’re an heir, beneficiary, or executor, enlisting the services of an estate sale realtor in Vancouver with the expertise of Jacob and Jacky can make a significant difference in ensuring a successful and stress-free transaction during an emotionally challenging time of life.


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