Realtor with Clients

Jacob & Jacky with clients in East Vancouver Strathcona

Clients purchase 816 Hawks

For every sale there’s a story of hard decisions, countless hours of work, lots of communication, planning, coordination, research, sometimes…
Realtor clients buy East Vancouver Cedar Cottage/Knight community

Clients purchase 1319 E 27th Ave

We recently helped the Myring Family sell their townhome within the Main Street neighbourhood and purchase a detached home in…
Jacob with clients East Vancouver

Clients sell 2018 Stainsbury

We recently helped our client sell his home in East Vancouver’s Cedar Cottage community. We wish him all the best…
Clients purchase at new development west third, north vancouver

Clients purchase 410 177 W 3rd Street

We just sold one of the most fantastic suites within the recently completed ‘West Third’ development in North Vancouver. ‘West…

Clients purchase at 3663 Crowley Drive

Our clients have just purchased a 2 bedroom suite within ‘Latitude’ building, 3663 Crowley Drive. Collingwood is a fantastic neighbourhood…