Results of Home Staging

This is an example of the results of home staging, or more specifically improving the presentation of your home. It doesn’t always have to be home staging. It’s more about making an effort to improve the showing condition of your property for sale. In our experience there can be amazingly positive results from making this effort. This can be accomplished by minor repairs, decluttering, cleaning and staging, if needed.


Real estate doesn’t always present the most ideal situations. As an example, a tenanted property may provide less control of how it’s presented. In our video we were presented with the right conditions to have complete control of presentation, a vacant property. We initially marketed the property without furniture for many weeks. After close to 2 months on the market with no success, the owner allowed for some minor repairs and home staging. This created the perfect scenario for some A-B testing.

After a fresh repaint, changing some lights and the introduction of home staging, we put the 2 bedroom condo back on the market. Let’s just say, the results we amazing! We had a rash of showings and had secured an accepted offer after 4 days on the market. Something to highlight is the fact we went back on MLS at the exact same price. Right away we received a premium offer. It was clear the results of home staging made all the difference. As Realtors this wasn’t that surprising as we’ve seen this same situation before. Presentation has a major impact on the success of the sale. That being said, improved presentation will have the most impact with the price is inline with the market and we have open access to show potential buyers.



There are many times when a home-seller is not convinced the cost or effort of improving their home presentation is worth it. Hopefully this video can serve to communicate what we’ve experienced as Realtors often throughout our career. It’s definitely worth it to go the extra mile when you’re going to sell your home!



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