How Much is a Realtor Commission in Vancouver?

Decoding Realtor Commission Structures

The realtor commission in Vancouver has proven to be a confusing topic to many home sellers. 

You might be asking yourself how the realtor commission in Vancouver is calculated and how it translates into the final sale price of your home.

We explain the realtor commission structure in the following sections in the hopes of providing you with more insight into the process of setting a realtor commission in Vancouver. 

There is no set commission in b.C. every real estate group determine their own fee structure.

- Jacob and Jacky

How does the fee distribute?

The commission fee is typically split 50/50 between the listing realtor and the buyer’s realtor. 

However, the actual split for a realtor commission in Vancouver tends to be more like 54%/46% to reflect the marketing expenses the listing agent tends to incur when listing a home.

home sellers pay listing brokerage who pay buyers agent and sellers agent

Buyer’s Agent Fee

More than just a payout, this portion of the commission incentivizes buyer agents to bring potential buyers to the listing.

Seller’s Agent Fee

Although a seller’s agent fee can be a hefty initial cost, the seller only receives the commission upon a successful sale and takes on the full risk of expenses if the home is not sold.

What Expenses are paid by the listing agent?


If a realtor is licensed with a brokerage, they may have an agreement where the realtor pays the brokerage a percentage of the gross commission, which ranges from 5%-20%.

Home selling online marketing materials for home sellers

Marketing Materials

Media production such as professional photography, video production, drone footage & print media like property brochures and graphic design.

signing searches and strata-related documents

Legal Documentation

Legal documents relevant to the listings, such as title searches and strata-related documents.

Vancouver realtor placing home for sale sign

Listing Expenses

Listing expenses such as MLS fees, real estate board fees, and brokerage admin fees for every listing that gets posted on MLS.

Is there a set Realtor Commission in B.C.? 

There is no set commission or governing body that regulates commissions in B.C. The individual realtor or the realtor team sets the commission. The brokerage does not dictate what the commission should be, although they may have guidelines. 

A realtor’s commission is negotiable between the realtor and the home seller.  

As Vancouver realtors, we are very transparent and calculate the potential commission, including taxes, ahead of time so our sellers know what their bottom line will be. 


realtor going over different options with Vancouver couple looking to sell their home

Is the commission rate negotiable? 

Yes, rates for a realtor commission in Vancouver are usually negotiable. However, it is crucial to remember that although you negotiate with your realtor (i.e. the listing agent) the gross commission is split. 

It is important to pay attention to how the discount is structured. Is it from the buyer’s agent side, the listing agent side, or both? 

Sellers must ensure they understand how the funds get distributed and make an informed decision about the risk/reward benefit before negotiating the rate.

One thing to note is that a portion of the commission fee is meant to be spent on marketing, and a realtor lacking a marketing budget can negatively impact the final sale.

What is a Discount brokerage?

There are few brokerage business models of discounted commission rates. Common ones are as follows.

1% Realty

A traditional real estate brokerage with a set rate of 1% commission to the seller. The seller will still be responsible for paying the buyer’s broker.

Posting brokerages

This model provides an MLS posting service but the seller is in charge of taking care of all marketing, showings, negotiations, and all other items related to the sale. The benefits are a lower commission and savings though there are many pitfalls that can impact the net proceeds.

Are there any other ‘hidden’ fees with realtor commissions?

The commission rate is EXCLUSIVE of GST. It is important to note in B.C., the commission rate is subject to 5% GST. 


Realtors in B.C. have a disclosure obligation when they present you with a potential offer. Before presenting you with the offer, whether you accepted it or not, your realtor will provide you with a detailed breakdown highlighting the following: 

  • Total commission fees
  • Fee offered to the buyer’s representative
  • Fees retain by the listing agent 
  • Any other monetary incentives your realtor might be getting from the sale 

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