Meeting With 505 Junk

Jacky and I often rely on many services to help prepare a home to sell. Our goal is to make every condo or house we market look terrific.

A lot of people don’t realize how many companies are involved in setting up a home or condo to market, examples would be painters, cleaners, junk removal, landscapers, home repair contractors, home furniture staging… and the list goes on. It’s a lot to coordinate. One of the very important services is junk removal as the goal preparing any home is to reduce the clutter!

Recently met with Prabh who is with 505 Junk, one of the top venders we suggest to clients. As of recently we even managed to negotiate a slight discount for our clients which is absolutely awesome and very much appreciated.

Prabh’s role as the Director of Sales is to not only help grow the business, but also to enhance the partnerships they build. They have a laser-focused commitment to their clients by making sure they’re taken care of and given the best quality service. And we know this to be true so when we recommend 505 Junk to our clients, we feel comfort knowing their service needs will be met and they will feel great about the service they are given.

What’s really different about 505 Junk compared to other companies we’ve used in the past is how they bill our clients. We find they are a fair-priced service that delivers terrific value. They have built the brand based on a reputation, trust and a network of partners.

Secondly, they have a goal of diverting as much material out of the landfill. This is something we really like. 505 Junk has a commitment to recycling and donating reusable goods. They have partnerships with local recycling depots as well as the Salvation Army. This keeps recyclable material, such as wood, metal, electronics, mattresses, box springs, and so much more out of our local landfills. And they say they’re committed to making sure this stays their #1 focus as they grow.

The key factor that separates them from other companies is their trucks have custom fabricated boxes that have scales built into them. Price transparency and respecting budgets are a top priority for them, having scales built into the trucks allow customers to choose what price they pay either by loading to a specific dollar amount or weight limit.

The company was founded in 2011 out of passion for helping clients regain space in their homes while diverting material from local landfills. It all started with an old pick up truck and an old trailer from the side of the road. Since then, they have grown to 7 trucks servicing the entire Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

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