Quarry Rock Hike in North Vancouver

North Vancouver has an incredible reputation for its natural greenery and outdoor friendly climate. As real estate agents we’re often assisting clients purchasing in North Vancouver. Clients who buy in North Van are often after the nature and beautiful outdoors. As Realtors we wanted to highlight one of the most popular, and quick hikes in the area.

One of the main outdoor attractions on the North Shore is hiking. If you’ve never been on a hiking trail in North Vancouver, the first one we highly recommend trying out is the Quarry Rock hike along the Baden Powell Trail. It shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes each way. If you haven’t hiked before, some tips: don a pair of sturdy hiking boots or comfortable trainers and bring some water.

Getting to Quarry Rock hike

Quarry Rock is accessible by both public transit and car. If you drive, you’ll want to take Keith Road and then Mount Seymour Parkway straight down to Deep Cove. The parkway is a relaxing stretch of road to cruise down. The Baden Powell trail head is along Panorama Drive just after Panorama Park and is clearly marked. You’ll find ample parking at the start of the trail. On the weekends parking for Quarry Rock hike can become full. Parking is usually found within a short walk, usually in Deep Cove town.

If you’re taking public transit, take the bus #239 from Lonsdale Quay to Phibbs Exchange. Then, transfer to bus #212 which will bring you directly to Deep Cove. The trip shouldn’t take any longer than 50 minutes. A short stroll down Panorama Drive and you’ll find the trail head. That is, if you don’t get sidetracked by Honey’s Donuts in the Cove!

The hike


The terrain along the hike is a combination of natural and man made pathways. If you’re ever done the Grouse Grind, this hike will feel quite familiar, if not be quite an easy feat for you! Be cautious of innocuous looking rocks jutting from the ground, they could result in a twisted ankle. Otherwise, enjoy the atmosphere of being surrounded by towering trees and greenery. We definitely get the sense of a world filled with nature much larger than ourselves every time we visit. Look out for the sound of a gentle creek- you’ll cross a short bridge that goes over one en route to Quarry Rock.

Plenty of sturdy wooden staircases ensure a steady climb up for first time hikers. Go at your own pace! It’s not a competition to see who gets up there first. If anything, we suggest taking your time to soak in the beauty of the hike. If you need the support, there are also handrails along the steps to guide your way up. For the city dweller, walking amidst large protruding roots of the enormous trees stretching vertically far beyond your sight might even be awe striking. As the tiredness sinks in, the winding stairways might seem never ending but you’re nearer to the top than you realize!

The View from Quarry Rock Hike


Take a couple minutes to catch your breath and congratulate yourself! On a clear day, you’ll see a stunning panorama of the Burrard Inlet merging into Indian Arm and the Belcarra Regional Park across the inlet. Some parts of Deep Cove and the marina can be seen as well. Lush mountains of fir and hemlock trees which line the horizon seem almost perfectly congruous. If you look carefully you’ll spot Hamber Island and Boulder Island as well.

It’s quite easy to sit here soaking in the sun and lose track of time. There are plenty of flat surfaces in the stone to rest upon and admire the gorgeous view you trekked up for. You’ve earned it. If you are of the mind to, Quarry Rock is an excellent place to catch the sun rise from. The warm glow of the rising sun over the waters and mountains is hard to beat. This is a must do adventure!



Quarry Rock Hike in North Vancouver North Vancouver Quarry Rock Hike in North Vancouver

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