Parkgate Village is a Wonderful Amenity For Residents Along Seymour Parkway

We sell a lot of real estate in North Vancouver. Often when our clients buy on the eastern side of the Northshore, Parkgate Village is an amenity we like to highlight. As real estate agents, we can introduce you to North Vancouver and all of the wonderful activities, amenities and everything else that makes each community special.

Parkgate Village in North Vancouver is a bustling community oriented centre stage for residents. Especially for those living around Mount Seymour Parkway, Parkgate Village is the go to choice for errands, caffeinated meet ups and more. Centrally located between scenic neighbourhoods like Blueridge, Windsor Park and Deep Cove to name just a few, Parkgate is a fantastic draw for all North Shore residents ranging from families to professionals and retirees. We’re delighted to suggest but a few things to do in the village.

Plenty of Options to Dine Out at Parkgate Village

There are a wide array of options to eat out at in Parkgate Village. Genji is a great choice for good sushi in the area. Another one of our favourite places to recommend in the village is Bean Around The World, an excellent choice for a cup of coffee and a muffin. It’s a popular hangout year round!

Whether you’re on the way to the Deep Cove beach during the hot summer months or getting ready for some ski slope action on Mount Seymour during the chillier seasons, a fresh cuppa is a welcome treat. For your bread and pastry needs, definitely check out Cobs Bread for their freshly baked selections. The delicious smell never fails to entice anyone walking by their storefront.

Grocery Stores, Pet Services and More



The village is centrally located along the main pathway for residents heading from the coast side to central North Vancouver. Complete with well stocked grocery, butcher and liquor stores as well as bank outlets, Parkgate Village is a one stop shop for all your needs. Fancy a haircut while taking your pet to the vet for a routine check up? Parkgate Village has both! Need a back adjustment or advice on that nagging ache in your shoulder? Seymour Chiropractic and Wellness Centre is on the compound close to Parkgate Medical Centre.

The village is here for your convenience and ease of access. With a multitude of brilliant choices to shop or relax at, Parkgate continues to shape the dynamic nature of the North Shore. There’s a distinct youthful exuberance to the community vibe in Parkgate. If you’re looking for an energetic yet laid back atmosphere, the Parkgate community is for you.

Parkgate Community Centre


The village is also home to Parkgate Community Centre, an excellent place for enrolling your children in their youth programs. You can choose from martial arts, pottery and indoor climbing among the choices available. More active youngsters with a passion for skateboarding will enjoy the Parkgate Skatepark in the vicinity. The centre also hosts senior and adult programming to boot. If you’re planning to use the gym here, plan your trip with time to spare- it can get quite busy during peak hours!

Summer and Winter Activities

One of the main draws of Parkgate Village for us is how it acts as a conduit for outdoor fanatics throughout the year. It’s good to note that mountain biking enthusiasts meet at the Local Lift Juice Bar before heading out on the extensive trail system that starts by Parkgate. During the hotter months, beach goers make a stop to get a juice or iced coffee before making their way to the Cove.

In the winter, a shuttle service picks up snowshoe hobbyists, skiers and snowboarders alike headed to Mount Seymour to hit the slopes at Parkgate Community Centre. If you’re more of a homebody, or prefer to stay indoors out of the cold, there’s always Parkgate Fitness Centre which hosts yoga classes and a full gym.


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