Motorcycling in North Vancouver

I know North Vancouver motorcycling isn’t the typical activity on the North Shore but it’s one i enjoy doing often in the summer months. Growing up in Tel Aviv riding motorbikes was such a common thing. Mind you, the weather is much better in Israel and riding scooters and motorbikes is part of the culture. It’s the best way to get around, especially in a city where traffic is an issue, all hours of the day. I’ve always owned a motorbike or scooter which i pull out of the garage when the sun is out. It’s an activity i enjoy a lot and it’s a fantastic way to see all of the North Shore.

Riding motorbikes can be a lot of fun. You’re out in the fresh air, wind blowing, and you can smell the fresh North Shore air. When you’re riding it’s also much easier to stop and also find parking. That’s why motorbike riding makes exploring an area so easy. It’s less of an ordeal. When the weather is nice i’ll jump on my bike and take a cruse to the water at Deep Cove. Or go meet friends for a coffee at Park & Tilford or maybe Parkgate Village. Yesterday i went for a beautiful ride up Cypress Mountain, stopped at the lookout and admired the view.

My latest motorbike is an Italian classic, the Moto Guzzi. It’s more of an art piece than anything else. Anytime its parked in public, the bike gets a lot of attention. I’ve included a few pictures, sure you’ll appreciate the photos if you’re into motorcycles!


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