Neighbourhood Highlight: Fairview Slopes Vancouver:

Fairview Slopes Vancouver

Fairview Slopes History

Fairview Slopes got its name from the gentle slope (according to Vancouver standards) from West 16th, North towards False Creek combined with the magnificent views of Downtown Vancouver and the Northside Mountains. 

Many images you see of Downtown Vancouver with Mountains in the background are taken from this area due to its angle and proximity. 

One of the first areas to be logged in the mid 1800’s it provided easy access to the core of the city. By the 1900’s Broadway Street had become the main corridor with the Cambie and Granville streetcars transporting locals. 

As the years progressed it became even more popular due to its easy access to Downtown. It later added Vancouver General Hospital, Granville Island and West Broadway an important east-west transportation line. 

Fairview Boundaries

The Western boundary of Fairview Slopes is Burrard Street down to the Burrard Bridge, including the trendy shopping district of Granville Island. 

South the boundary is West 16th street bordering Shaughnessy Park. 

The Eastern edge of Fairview Slopes is Cambie Street which continues Northward towards downtown until you hit False Creek. False Creek is the Northern edge with downtown Vancouver just on the other side. 

Fairview Slopes Vancouver

Typical Home Styles in Fairview Slopes

Fairview Slopes

Fairview Slopes was one of the first areas to be settled in the City of Vancouver it as a result has transformed many times since.  The most common types of dwellings are:

  • 3-4 Story Apartments and Condos
  • Larger, more modern condominiums closer to False Creek.
  • On the numbered, east-west Avenues 3rd Ave, 14th Ave, etc. there are many beautiful townhomes with impressive architecture to fit anyones taste. 


This neighbourhood has some of the most impressive and densely concentrated attractions, amenities and shopping. 

Beginning with the West Broadway corridor at Cambie St. you have access to City Hall SkyTrain Station and can hop on the B-Line bus which goes Westward to UBC. Just above West Broadway there is Vancouver General Hospital. This area has a large institutional footprint with many clinics and research facilities. 

Granville Island is perhaps the most well-known shopping attraction outside of the downtown core. Filled with artisans, boat and scenic tours, some of the best patios in the city and the amazing Granville Island Market which has the freshest produce, meats, seafood and delicacies available. 

Local Cafes & Favourite Spots

Since there are so many options its hard to decide. On Granville island alone there is: 

  • Alimentaria Mexicana with some of the most delicious Mexican-themed cuisine available. 
  • If it’s something a little more light, Siegel’s Bagels makes tried and true bagels that’ll leave your mouth watering. 
  • If it’s a patio session with a view you’re after than look no further than Tap & Barrel: Bridges, a local landmark offering pub-style good eats. 

Once you leave Granville Island you can relax with a friend and chat at Wicked Cafe which is sure to delight with their fresh menu items. Then perhaps take a coffee to go and take a walk along the waterfront and take in the scenic views of Downtown Vancouver and False Creek. 

Fairview Slopes
View of Downtown from Fairview Slopes

Fairview Slopes Realty Experts

Here at Jacob & Jacky Realtors we have extensive experience helping our clients buy and sell their homes in the Fairview Slopes neighbourhood. If you would like to learn more about this trendy, attractive area then click the button below to schedule a free consultation. 

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