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We’ve always been fans of all that Killarney can offer to its residents. We're honoured to be your first choice as Killarney real estate agents. In our 16 years of selling real estate in East Vancouver and recognized as top Killarney REALTORS®, we’ve watched this region grow, change, and be discovered. The development of the Fraserlands has transformed the south side of the area along the river, and made it a region that offers every kind of real estate purchase possible.

Are you looking for an affordable, livable neighbourhood to buy into? Or, are you getting ready to sell in the Killarney area, and want expert agents, and who can bring in qualified, interested buyers? We can help on either side. As experienced REALTORS® specializing in Killarney, we’re in the top 1% of agents in Greater Vancouver, so you can count on professional, experienced, and friendly service. Whether you are buying or selling, let us help with your next real estate transaction.

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Is Killarney The Next Vancouver Real Estate Solution? - In Vancouverites' search for affordable, livable real estate, a new word is beginning to appear with some frequency. That word is Killarney. And the VancouverSpaces team are your expert Killarney Realtors. This large neighbourhood on the southeast side of Vancouver East is being discovered. No wonder, as it offers everything the average homebuyer is looking for. It’s a safe, quiet neighbourhood of traditionally single-family homes and sunny streets. But, perhaps key to its raised profile is the fact that, in the world of Vancouver property pricing, Killarney real estate remains relatively affordable.

Technically, Killarney runs from Eliot Street and Vivian Drive on its west side, to Boundary Road on the east, and the Fraser River on the south. Its northern boundary is considered to be along 41st Avenue and Kingsway. Because of its geography – on the south slope of the city – it’s a bright and sunny neighbourhood. What’s more, many of the houses in Killarney offer spectacular views of mountains and ocean to the south and east.

Killarney’s Real Estate Is Vancouver’s Hot New Location - But Killarney offers much more to residents than affordability, sunshine, and views. Because the neighbourhood was one of the last portions of Vancouver to be developed, it has numerous parks and green spaces. This includes the 40 hectares of trails and forest in Everett Crowley Park, including an off-leash area for dogs.

There’s even a public golf course in the neighbourhood – Fraserview. And, if outdoor spaces are high on your priority list, the vast forests of Central Park in Burnaby are only minutes away.

Killarney East Vancouver

An Affordable And Comfortable Vancouver Neighbourhood - Killarney’s shopping and businesses centre around Champlain Mall at Kerr Street and 54th, in the heart of the neighbourhood. It offers all the stores and conveniences needed for a comfortable family life. Other stores can be found just up the hill on Rupert Street and, of course, along Kingsway.

The neighbourhood is also incredibly central, with quick access to major roads nearby. Plus it has another major advantage: because it was one of the last areas to be developed in the city, it has much larger lots. Most other Vancouver neighbourhoods have a standard lot size of 4,000 sq ft. Many lots in Killarney are 6,000 sq ft. It means larger yards and outdoor space. As well as the ability to either add square footage in a renovation, or build a larger house. As top Killarney Realtors, Jacob and Jacky feel these features are some of the important factors attracting buyers to Killarney real estate.

Killarney’s Fraser River Lands Offer Smaller Real Estate Options - While Killarney has traditionally been an area of single family homes, that’s no longer just the case. The development of Vancouver’s Fraserlands, alongside the river, has created a new neighbourhood of multi-family dwellings, and even high rises. It’s made Killarney a hotbed of development, with many choices for interested buyers. Take a walk or a bike ride along the beautiful paths beside the river. Then stop in for a burger and a beer on the sunny patio at Romer’s Burger Bar. You’ll begin to get a sense of just why people are starting to make East Vancouver’s Killarney community the centre of their real estate search. Let our Killarney Realtors introduce you to the area and match you to the home that's right for you.