We wanted to help sellers by highlighting the process of receiving a home evaluation and going through the listing process. When a home-seller decides to sell, we usually have a discussion about price, presentation and what’s important when choosing the right Realtor.

When homeowners contact us initially, the common data they need is the value of their home. We take pride in the research we do to come up with an accurate and realistic value. As agents we provide data on past sales, current market conditions and how the given property falls within the mix.

Secondly, during the home evaluation we have the opportunity to assess the current condition and make suggestions for the ideal presentation. In most cases adjustments to achieve best presentation include decluttering, junk removal, minor repairs, painting and possibly home staging. We like to remind homeowners marketing can’t move forward until their home is in condition for the photographers & videographers to visit. If the plan is to go to market quickly, it’s important to factor in time needed to prepare your property. As agents we have relationships with many professionals who can help with the process of preparing your home.

Lastly, as part of the final process, sellers need to choose who will take care of their marketing, you need to pick an agent to work with. A couple things to keep in mind when hiring an agent. Firstly, ask questions and get a good sense of the agents marketing plan. How are they going to spend marketing dollars and understand their sales process. Also, work with an agent who specializes in your community, it’s important for a successful sale.

Are you planning on selling your home soon? Reach out today for an accurate home evaluation.

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