Candid Chat With Jacky About Real Estate

conversation with realtors jacky levi and John Tsai

Oakwyn top Vancouver Realtor Jacky Levi & John Tsai have a candid chat about Jacky’s real estate career. Experience a candid conversation about what it’s like to be a Realtor in the current market and what newer agents should concentrate on to become successful.

Both John Tsai and Jacky Levi devote an incredible amount of time mentoring newer real estate agents. Over the years both have helped many agents joining the industry get the start they need to develop their careers. So both these award winning Vancouver Realtors understand the business and what it’s like for newer agents.

Jacky talks about how real estate was very different during his start in the industry almost 20 years ago. It took him a few years to develop a business and the skills needed for real estate. Jacky believes each agent needs to concentrate on learning about real estate before trying to advance their careers. This has led Jacky to offer a mentoring program which enables agents to learn more about real estate.

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Jacob and Jacky
Jacob and Jacky

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