Driving EVs For Real Estate

For sure real estate is one of those professions which can benefit from electric cars. Vancouver Realtors Jacob & Jacky with Oakwyn Realty talk about driving EV’s for real estate, the benefits of switching to an electric car, and how their EV’s help them become a bit more green. Driving electric cars for real estate is slightly off-topic but for many of you considering the switch, hopefully their feedback is appreciated.

Both Jacob & Jacky have realized how driving an electric car can save them on the expenses of gas and maintenance over the long-term. As Realtors, they spend hours each week driving around the city for showing & meeting clients. It’s not just the savings which make EV’s so good for real estate, it’s also the driving experience. Electric cars are quiet, smooth and accelerate quickly, making for an exciting driving experience.

Jacky talks about some of his concerns before making the switch. Range anxiety is a common barrier for most people. Jacky explains how he makes sure to start the day with a full battery. He also makes note of all the charging stations now distributed around the city. In the almost 3 years driving an EV, he hasn’t been in a situation where he’s run out of battery.

Over a couple years Jacob observed Jacky’s transition. Jacob was stopping at gas stations on a weekly basis, plus having expensive repairs, was motivation for Jacob to order a new Tesla EV. Jacob describes his experience and how he’s definitely not going back to a gas vehicle.

If you are considering buying an electric are, feel free to reach out to Jacob and Jacky with any questions.

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Jacob and Jacky
Jacob and Jacky

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