Deep Cove Kayaking and Rowing Club

Spring 2017


Deep Cove kayaking, rowing and standup paddle boarding can be an amazing experience during the summer months. Whether you’re a newcomer to North Vancouver or a long time resident, you likely have heard Deep Cove being associated with lots of outdoor fun. In fact, Deep Cove has a wide range of outdoor activities to do year round. A huge perk of living on the east corridor of the municipality is definitely being so close to the heart of Deep Cove. The vibrancy and bustling outdoorsy nature of the area is unparalleled on this side of North Vancouver.

Deep Cove Kayaking

Deep Cove Kayak Lessons

If you haven’t been to Deep Cove before, check out Deep Cove Kayak! The experienced business has been in operation for more than 35 years. During the warmer months between April and October, Deep Cove Kayak is open full time for all kayaking enthusiasts to enjoy. They deal with all kinds of paddling equipment. Deep Cove Kayak can outfit you with kayaks, standup paddle boards (SUP), surfski, canoes and even dragon boats. For those who’ve never paddled before, don’t worry. The staff there will be able to recommend the most suitable boats for your experience and comfort level. All members of the community are welcome here.

Here’s some basic information about renting from Deep Cove Kayak that is good to know. The minimum rental period is 2 hours which might sound like a long time but speeds by when you’re out on the water staying cool from the hot sun and enjoying the sights along Indian Arm. Given the popularity of the business, reservations are highly recommended before you go. Parking is limited in the Deep Cove area, especially during the summer months. Try and take public transit or plan accordingly.

Rowing in Deep Cove

Deep Cove kayak rentals

For those who consider themselves more of a team activity person, there’s Deep Cove Rowing Club. The club hosts youth, adult and senior rowing programs in the summer for those new to rowing. They also offer recreational rowing if you’ve taken a rowing course already and want to enjoy a relaxing session with some friends around Indian Arm. More competitive rowers will be interested in the Deep Cove Classic Regatta, a 5.5km race in Indian Arm. The North Shore Youth Invitational Regatta is a great chance for youth to hone their rowing skills against their peers.

Great Community Bonding Activities

Both Deep Cove Kayaking and the Deep Cove Rowing Club are amazing opportunities for North Vancouver residents to connect with other members of the community. A highly family friendly activity, children and parents will find this a unique bonding experience. Exploring Deep Cove over its waters provides a thrilling and scenic seascape not to be missed!

Close to Homes on the North Shore

Last but not least, Deep Cove Kayaking and the Rowing Club are mere moments away from its surrounding neighbourhoods. Those who live in Deep Cove, Dollarton, Blueridge, Windsor Park and more have the opportunity to relax on the Burrard Inlet waters minutes from home. The convenience of the locations of the kayaking and rowing sites make watersports much more accessible than ever before. We know we’re counting down till the warmer weather arrives and we can paddle board with the kids. Aren’t you?