Jacob & Jacky with clients in East Vancouver Strathcona

For every sale there’s a story of hard decisions, countless hours of work, lots of communication, planning, coordination, research, sometimes uncertainty and stress. Helping clients search for a home and purchase is a monumental task. It’s a special time for our clients. A moment of change in their lives. For us REALTORS® it’s an amazing feeling when our clients finally find that perfect home. This was definitely the case for Samuel Calvo & Elizabeth Bryan. They were able to purchase a wonderful townhome within East Vancouver’s Strathcona community. This was the area they were currently living and the space what exactly what they needed. 

Meeting Samuel & Elizabeth

Over the years we assisted good friends of Samuel & Elizabeth with their real estate transactions. A referral was passed along and an introduction was made. 

When past clients make introductions to their friends and family, there’s no better compliment for a real estate agent. You know you’re providing the right mix of professional advice and customer service. 

When we first started selling real estate, close to 20 years ago, most of our business was born from our marketing efforts. This ratio has changed over time. Our business today comes from our client base who trust our experience, integrity and appreciate the hard work we put in everyday. It’s important for me to always thank our clients & friends who put trust in our advice. 

The Purchase

A difficult time for homebuyers in an extremely active real estate market, with most homes selling in multiple-offers. Our search started right before the market went crazy and competing offers became the norm. As the market started heating up, it was clear we needed to find a home before prices surged.

With a growing family Samuel and Elizabeth needed to find a home with more space. As with most buying situations it’s a balance between quality of home and neighborhood, constrained by budget. Their focus was on East Vancouver, hoping to stay in their current Strathcona neighbourhood. 

Through the process we missed a couple townhouses, not achieving the winning bid on popular suites. Looking back, often it’s meant to be. Samuel & Elizabeth found the perfect place on Hawks Street, within a friendly row-house development. They managed to stay in their East Vancouver Strathcona community and find a stylish home with enough space for their family. Jacky and I are so happy for them!

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