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Jacob and Jacky

In real estate, experience matters and we have 20+ years of it.

As buyers, you want to work with home buying agents who have a deep understanding of the Vancouver real estate market and have been through the process in all market climates. We are those agents.

We’ve worked with a variety of clients, faced all sorts of situations, challenges, and have a wealth of knowledge about the Vancouver real estate market. All of our previous sales helped us become the most experienced home buying agents in Vancouver.

"When it comes to buying a home, connecting with a professional home buying agent can make all of the difference. You need partner who Knows Vancouver real estate."

- Jacob and Jacky

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Why Buy With
Jacob and Jacky

Buying the right house is a big decision and we understand the importance of getting it right.
We are home buying agents dedicated to providing exceptional service and communication throughout the entire process.


Experience Buying The Vancouver Market

We have successfully bought for clients in Vancouver for over 20+ years. We know how to navigate the Vancouver market and get you the best deal when buying your home.


Our Systems and Operations

We’ve learned the ins and outs over our 20+ years and bring in well-executed systems and operations that will make the buying process feel easy and stress-free from your side!


Data-Focused To Get You The Most Value

We use our expertise in data to ensure that the decisions you make are good not only for the market we are in, but for the long-term trajectory of your home ownership.


The Smoothest Buying Process

We deploy a professional and effective buying process that ensures a smooth transaction, easy negotations, and the home you’re dreaming of. Trust us to handle every detail with expertise and care.


A Personalized Approach To Buying

Clear communication, personalized attention, and expert guidance throughout every step of the buying process. We handle it all and we handle it smoothly and specifically to your needs.


Negotiating The Best Deal For You

Our skilled negotiation techniques will ensure that you get the best possible deal when buying your home, while keeping the whole process stress-free for you. It’s our pragmatic approach developed through experience.

"Get your dream home... and peace of mind too!."

We understand the importance of budget, location, size, condition, and community when it comes to finding and buying your home. We work with you to find one that meets your needs and provides a solid investment for the future.”

- Jacky Levi

Meet Your Vancouver Home Buying Agents

Jacob and Jacky have over 20 year of experience helping clients when buying a home in Vancouver

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How We Do It

Our Buying Process

Stage 1

Getting To Know Your Unique Needs

This is where it all begins. It is our opportunity to become familiar with what you’re looking for and understand your unique goals when it comes to finding your new home.

Buying With Us Buying a home
Buying With Us Buying a home

Stage 2

Ensuring Pre-Approval and Financing

Here, we make sure we have all our pre-approvals from the lenders complete, which confirms your ability to secure financing for the homes we are looking at. This makes sure that when we find a home you love, we can put in an offer quickly.

Stage 3

Finding Your Dream Home

Here we work together to determined exactly what your needs and desires are and to identify properties that meet and/or exceed them within the budget you are approved for. This stage involves searching online listings, attending open houses, and visiting properties in person to make sure its exactly what you need.

Buying With Us Buying a home
Buying With Us Buying a home

Stage 4

Offer and Acceptance

Once you’ve identified a property you love, we will go create and submit and offer on the house, advising you on pricing and terms, as well as negotiating on your behalf with the seller.

Stage 5

Home Inspection

Once an offer is accepted, we will arranges for a home inspection, to make sure that there are no unknowns in the house. Usually, the offer we make is contingent on a home inspection having a positive outcome.

Buying With Us Buying a home
Buying With Us Buying a home

Stage 6

Closing The Property

We will lead the negotiation and navigate you through the closing process, including all the details such as coordinating with lawyers, ensuring title is transferred, and that all the loose ends with the lenders are tied up. We will review all the closing documents with you to ensure you’re in the know and understand as much detail as you want to.

Stage 7

Post-Sale After Care

Our relationship isn’t complete the moment you’ve closed. We stick around and will make sure that your transition into the house is smooth and that everything is taken care of. Referrals for movers? Contractors? Questions? We’re here for it all.

Buying With Us Buying a home

Buying a home is a big decision. We help you make the right one.

We take the hassle out of the process and provide you with a list of homes that meet your specific needs.

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