10 Questions to Ask Your Vancouver Realtor Before Hiring Them

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Want to buy or sell a home in Vancouver? Then you’ll want to know a few questions to ask your Vancouver realtor—the go-to expert whose primary purpose is to assist in realizing your dream of purchasing a property.

Not all Vancouver realtors are made equal, so we advise interviewing at least three before picking which one you want by your side. 

Here are ten questions to ask a Vancouver realtor to help you determine which one is best for you.

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How long have you worked as a realtor?

A candidate with at least ten years of experience is excellent. Like many other professions, real estate marketing is changing quickly, partly because of the Internet. The individual you choose must be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and modern. An experienced Vancouver realtor will be able to anticipate problems before they arise and will have established negotiation methods that have been tried and proven. 

How frequently will you contact me?

Frustration might result from real estate agents that don’t provide you with regular updates or respond to your calls. A professional real estate agent should have no issue informing you about their work frequently. You shouldn’t ever feel like you have to hound them for information or that they are too busy for you. A competent agent will contact you frequently, every day, if necessary.

A skilled realtor will also ask, “What form of communication do you prefer”? They should take note of your preferred method of contact if you prefer phone calls over texts and try to accommodate you.

How many houses like mine have you sold in the area?

Each neighbourhood in Vancouver is unique. The price at which an identical property will sell in ten different communities will vary. The properties an agent has sold and their experience in the community are really two questions in one. A warning sign should be raised if the agent replies by discussing the revenue generated by their office rather than the number of transactions they handled. Sellers hiring realtors in Vancouver want a real estate agent that is both knowledgeable about your community and comparable houses there.

Do you collaborate with Vancouver realtors or work alone?

Many agents operate in a team with other Vancouver realtors, an administrative assistant, and a team leader. Although some individuals think that real estate is a solo activity, there are benefits to dealing with a pack member agent. If your realtor is tied up and you need to see a property immediately, someone else in the team can step in. They can also handle any last-minute problems that come up.

How long, on average, does it take purchasers that you’ve worked with to find and buy a home?

Buying a house takes time. The typical amount of time needed when searching for a property is one to two months, and the period from contract signing to closing can range from two weeks to two months. However, this number varies greatly from location to location, so you need to have an idea of how long it will take you. You also don’t want an agent that wastes time waiting around. If an agent says that buying a house often takes six months to a year when you want to settle within a few months, it’s a red flag that you might not be a good fit.

Are you an agent full-time?

Depending on their customers’ needs, full-time Vancouver realtors might devote all of their time to either marketing houses for sale or looking for properties. However, not all real estate agents work full-time. Many people view real estate sales as a part-time side business.

Marketing the house, considering offers, and assisting with home staging are all necessary when selling a house. While doing so, you must go through postings, schedule viewings, and bargain with sellers. When dealing with someone working a full-time job in addition to these obligations, you might not get the same degree of assistance.

How will you promote my residence?

When you decide to sell, marketing your house to the broadest range of potential purchasers is one of your realtor’s main responsibilities. This often includes pricing your house to appeal to the largest number of purchasers without undervaluing it. They are responsible for producing virtual tours of your property, hosting open houses, networking with other real estate agents, designing unique websites that showcase the best aspects of your home, and more. Check out our Vancouver home sellers area for more information.

What is the typical ratio of your list price to sales price?

You should avoid an agent that tries to acquire a listing by purposefully inflating the value of your home. Asking an agent about their average days-on-market (the lesser, the better) and list-to-sales-price ratio (the higher, the better) can help you learn more about their strategy and determine their effectiveness. Get a list of the homes they sold the previous year to easily confirm those figures. 

How many customers do you now serve?

There are several possible responses to this question. On the one hand, an agent handling several customers at once might not have the time to dedicate to you. On the other hand, an agent with little to no clientele may be a red flag that you should search elsewhere. Any more than ten clients may mean the agent won’t be able to commit to you either, so keep that in mind if you’re unsure how many clients might be too much.

Can you share a reference list?

Any successful Vancouver realtor will have a small list of former happy clients. Request a list of professional references so you can contact them if you like. An agent who cannot offer references cannot assure you of a positive experience. 

Call the references once you get the list. As well as their shortcomings, find out what they appreciated most about working with the agent.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest financial transactions most individuals ever make is purchasing or selling a property. Your life will be made easier, and your real estate journey will be more successful if you are successful with hiring a realtor in Vancouver whom you can work with comfortably and that has a history of giving exceptional service. Whether you own a home and interested in home evaluation, or a prospective home buyer, we would love to hear from you. 

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